Carefree Tire

logo_carefreetire_color_horzSince 1971, the scientists at Accella Tyre Fill Systems have been developing a line of technologically advanced polyurethane products and in 1977 developed a high performance flexible polyurethane formulation. By combining this proprietary blend of micro-cellular polyurethane with a novel manufacturing method of centrifugal casting, the light-weight, durable Carefree Tire provides an “air cushioned” ride without adding any significant weight, delivering the assurance and durability of a solid tyre with the performance of a pneumatic tyre.

Carefree TyreCarefree Tire’s innovative process of manufacturing is specifically designed to create a tyre that has a durable non-porous outer elastomeric skin with a high-density cellular core consisting of trillions of trapped air cells. The tough-yet-flexible outer skin allows for a firm tread area that provides excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting, punctures and chemical attack, while the dense micro-cellular core reduces rolling resistance, and allows for greater shock absorption.

As a result, not only will a Carefree Tire last four to ten times longer than a similar pneumatic tyre, it requires much less effort to roll.