Profit Analysis

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How much can flatproofing save you?

What size tyre do you use?

How much does it cost you to repair a flat tyre?

This includes road service charges, de-mounting, puncture repair, remounting and any other charges associated with tyres flat repairs.

How many hours of down time do you have per flat, on average?

How many workers stand idle when you have a flat?

This includes the equipment operator and all other workers idled due to the downed equipment.

What is their hourly pay rate?

Include the cost of fringe benefits.

What is your production rate, in dollars per hour?


How many flats does each tyre get over its entire lifespan, on average?

What is the projected cost of flatproofing your tyres with TyrFil?


Repair Costs€ –
Cost of idle labor€ –
Cost of lost production€ –
Total costs for flats€ –

Flatproofing savings per tyre:

€ –